Bouwfonds Investment Management has acquired several residential real estate investment properties in Denmark and Germany on behalf of a German institutional client for a purchase volume of approximately 117 million euros. Within the framework of an individual mandate, Bouwfonds IM is responsible for portfolio and asset management of the “Portfolio Wohnen”.

In Denmark, a property of approximately 17,000 sq. m. was purchased in the city of Copenhagen in the Bøgholm – Sydhavnen area. The building consists of 178 units and 155 garage parking spaces. In 2025 this area will be connected to the inner-city centre with its own U-Bahn connection (called Bahnlinie M4). The investment volume is approximately 80 million euros.

The second acquisition of approximately 6,000 sq. m. is also located in Copenhagen in the Vanløse area, and the investment volume was around 21 million euros. The property was constructed in 2009 and consists of 60 residential units. The inner-city centre can be reached by car or by U-Bahn in approximately 15 minutes.

The third acquisition has been purchased in Germany, in the city of Leipzig. The property is located in the Quartier Media City area and is very well connected to the Leipzig Markt in the city centre. The building, of approximately 7,000 sq. m., will be renovated and will be delivered by the end of 2016. Following renovation, it will consist of 70 residential units and 53 parking spaces. The purchase price was around 17 million euros.

Michael Keune, Fund Manager European Residential Bouwfonds IM Deutschland: “We are pleased to have realized these attractive investment opportunities in two economically vibrant cities in Europe for our client. The acquisitions comprise good, centrally located, residential properties or developments. The “Portfolio Wohnen” has achieved a size of approx. 430 million euros, allocated to Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands ”

“Portfolio Wohnen“ is part of an exclusively designed institutional real estate fund. 2IP Institutional Investment Partners, as a capital management services company [KVG], will manage the fund, including regulatory and administrative activities. Bouwfonds IM is responsible for the portfolio and asset management of the real estate part of the fund.