Bouwfonds Investment Management (Bouwfonds IM) has reached agreement with MSNL BV on the relaunch of the MS Mode stores. All but one of the 17 stores in Bouwfonds IM’s portfolio are being relaunched, these being the branches in Doetinchem, Huizen, Hellevoetssluis, Spijkenisse, Winschoten, Gouda, Bergen op Zoom, Nijmegen, Tilburg, Groningen, Stadskanaal, Drachten, Middelburg, Soest, Vlaardingen and Lelystad.

After the relaunch, MS Mode will retain 159 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Spain. Once the process is completed, the majority of MS Mode branches in Europe will be situated in the Netherlands. A total of 98 stores will remain in the Netherlands,  compared to 61 in other countries.

This transaction has been realised in collaboration with KroesePaternotte which acted jointly with Bouwfonds IM on behalf of the lessor.