Commercial Real Estate

Investment Strategy

Dynamic inner-city business and retail areas are places where people want to shop, eat, work and live. These places will always attract people and will generate greater economic activity. Bouwfonds Commercial Real Estate invests in office and retail properties situated at these prime (mostly inner-city) locations. We focus on sustainable and high-quality office and retail buildings, offering long-term growth potential. Our funds invest for the long term and offer investors an appropriate risk/return profile and solid inflation hedge through annual indexation of the rental income. We maintain and improve the overall quality of our invested assets through active (commercial and technical) management, e.g. reletting, refurbishment or modernisation.

Since 2004, Bouwfonds IM has acquired a portfolio of € 2.3 billion in retail real estate in the Netherlands, working together with its strategic partner IEF. Within the retail sector, we focus on single units, department stores and shopping centres located at inner-city high streets or key catchment areas of cities. Nowadays the world is facing a new reality due to growing demand for online retail. To adapt our portfolio to these trends appropriately, our research team constantly follows and monitors developments to enable us to respond whenever necessary. Through active management, e.g. refurbishment or modernisation, we maintain and improve the overall quality of the assets we manage.

The demand for office space is also undergoing fundamental changes: the new way of working is boosting demand for flexible office space in dynamic environments. As a result, overall demand for office space is shrinking and tenants are increasingly moving to the best inner-city business district locations. We invest in sustainable, efficient and high-quality office buildings located at these prime locations in attractive business districts of metropolitan regions throughout Europe, in order to achieve high stable returns for our clients on a long-term basis.

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