Complaints procedure

If, despite all our efforts to provide you with optimal service and support, you are not satisfied, please let us know. We will do our utmost to respond adequately to your complaint within a reasonable timeframe in order to demonstrate how highly we value our relationship with you.

We define a complaint as follows:
1. Any dissatisfaction expressed in relation to financial products or financial services which cannot be described as an easily resolved misunderstanding or lack of information between a (potential) client and Bouwfonds Investment Management B.V. (or one of its subsidiaries or participations).

2. A sign of dissatisfaction with the processing and/or recording of personal data.

Submitting a complaint

Complaints may be made by telephone or in writing to:
Bouwfonds Investment Management
Attn. Mr D. Snel
PO Box 15
3870 DA Hoevelaken
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)33 750 4751

Confirmation of complaint receipt and response times
If you submit a complaint, you will receive written confirmation of receipt as soon as possible, along with information about the complaints procedure and possibilities of appeal (Financial Ombudsman/KIFID). You will also be informed about the timeframe for the handling of your complaint. In general, simple complaints will be handled within 6 weeks, while a response to more complex complaints will be given within 3 months.

If these response times cannot be met, you will receive timely notification in writing, stating the reason for the delay and indicating when you can expect a response. Decisions or promises by Bouwfonds IM in relation to complaints are only binding if and insofar as these are confirmed in writing and signed for approval.

Financial Ombudsman
We do everything we can to handle a complaint to your satisfaction. However, if you do not agree with how your complaint has been resolved, you may lodge an appeal within 3 months of receiving the decision on your complaint to the Financial Services Complaints Tribunal (KIFID): KIFID, PO Box 93257, 2509 AG The Hague, telephone 0900-3552248.

Monitoring and control
Bouwfonds IM has a compliance officer who monitors compliance with the complaints procedure.

Right of access
If you want to know more about the right of access, please contact:

Bouwfonds Investment Management
Attn Mr. D. Snel
P.O.Box 15
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)33 750 4751