Investment Strategy

Rabo Farm invests in agriculture because experience shows that good returns can be made, at an acceptable risk, by investing in farms with substantial crop yield improvement potential. We seek robust returns for our investors, using the vast expertise and network of the Rabobank Group, which has its origins in agriculture and is one of the world’s leading funders of the sector. To achieve our goals, we invest in farms, farmers and on-farm infrastructure, focusing on regions and farms where we can add real economic or agricultural value and do so sustainably.

We act locally and always with a long-term investment horizon. We are active managers: besides helping farmers grow their business, we also seek to engage and invest in local communities, with the aim of stimulating local economic and social development, e.g. by bringing neglected farmland back into production. We select the countries we invest in according to a wide range of considerations, such as:

  • Agricultural basics (e.g. soil & climate)
  • Local farming community structures (e.g. infrastructure, average farm size)
  • The wider agricultural network (e.g. available research, access to partners)
  • Opportunities for growing farming businesses (legal and tax regulatory)
  • Expected liquidity (transactions, depth and exit possibilities)

We do not invest speculatively in agricultural land and we are a signatory to the Principles of Responsible Investing in Farmland (“Farmland Principles”), to which we are firmly committed.

For more information about Agriculture visit the website of Rabo Farm.