The attractiveness of investing in real assets is determined by a combination of generic long-term and specific local market conditions. Long-term trends are fuelled by development of peoples’ basic needs as quality of living, work, food, communication, etc. Our Research department analyses investment opportunities ‘top down’ using demographic, economic, technological and socio-political trends:

  • Demographic trends, such as population growth, urbanization, ageing and regional contraction;
  • Technological trends, such as the growing importance of internet and the deregulation of the ‘hardware’ (the networks) and the ‘software’ (the applications);
  • Economic trends, such as the deleveraging of the world economy, the threat of rising inflation and interest rates and the shift in regional relationships;
  • Social and political trends such as the effect of making society sustainable and increasing transparency in the financial world.

Next to ‘top down’ analyses, our Research department supports our local dedicated fund and asset management teams with ‘bottom-up’ research applying the micro skills that are needed for successful investing. By combining strategic top-down market intelligence and pursuing research-driven investment strategies (top-down and bottom-up) we strive for outperformance of our investments funds.

Market reports

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