The challenge for institutional investors of finding attractive investment opportunities has increased significantly in recent years as the successive financial, sovereign debt and economic crises have resulted in increased share price fluctuations, record low interest rates and rising vacancy rates in commercial real estate, the latter investment class suffering additionally from the growing trends of working and shopping from home.

In this climate, growing interest can be observed in the United Kingdom, but also in continental Europe, in a so far largely neglected niche of the real estate market: student housing.

Looking back on its own positive experiences to date with investments in this segment, Bouwfonds REIM decided to provide its clients with an overview of this possibly unfamiliar asset class – where selected investment based on solid research of opportunities and risks can provide a valuable addition to the real estate component in investment portfolios.

The report, entitled Investing in European Student Housing, focuses on the three core markets of Bouwfonds REIM’s European Residential Fund (France, Germany and the Netherlands) as well as the United Kingdom, the only country in Europe with a liquid student housing investment market.