Sustainable Operations

Contributing to a more sustainable society starts with our own conduct as a company. From that perspective, we focus on our engagement with people and our office operations.

The success of our company relies on the people we employ. Bouwfonds IM aims to create the best possible working environment and working conditions for our employees. This includes the following:

• Modern terms of employment: Bouwfonds IM actively endeavours to offer terms of employment in line with what employees expect from a modern employer. Relevant issues here include leave for older employees, freedom of choice in vacation days, promoting a good work-life balance, opportunities for working from home, mobile communications, etc.

• Performance Competence Management: Bouwfonds IM encourages its employees to be actively involved in their own personal development. Our Performance Competence Management (PCM) system stimulates managers and employees to work on the basis of a balanced mix of performance indicators.

• Training: Training is invariably part of the annual PCM cycle. Bouwfonds IM invests in education and training courses to further support employees in realising their personal ambitions.

Office operations 
Limiting the environmental impact of our business operations is a key objective of Bouwfonds IM. We are constantly looking for ways to implement sustainable measures to lower the environmental impact of our business operations. We focus on the following important topics:

• Energy and water consumption: Bouwfonds IM is committed to contributing to a reduction in the energy and water intensity of the buildings used. Concrete measures have been taken in the form of installing LED lighting, presence detection sensors, etc.

• Use of sustainable materials: the focus on sustainable materials is an important part of the purchasing policy and has prompted the purchase of biodegradable ink cartridges, the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, etc.

• Travelling: business travel is a significant source of CO2 emissions. A number of measures have been taken to reduce the CO2 emissions from business travel:

– Company cars may only be ordered with labels A-C. When the car is taken into use, the employee (in The Netherlands) is also provided with an NS business card to encourage public transport use.
– Video conferencing systems have been implemented to reduce the number of business flights.
– Bouwfonds IM’s employees have the opportunity to make use of the company bicycle scheme. This offers an economical way to purchase a new bicycle for commuting; it is also good for employee health and for the environment.

• Paper use: new technology can be used to reduce the use of paper. Bouwfonds IM is committed to mini¬mising paper use by utilising new ways of working.