Bouwfonds Germany Residential Fund II CV invests in a diversified German property portfolio.
The fund invests indirectly in 656 rental apartments. Approximately 10% of the portfolio is commercial property, which is located below the apartments.

The property is intended for letting and will in principle be sold off in the long term, either as a portfolio or per complex.


Property Homes
Region Germany
Fund size (2009) €54,071,000
Investors Private investors
Size of participation €15,000
Fund Unlisted
Status Registration closed

Investment portfolio

BGRF II DuesseldorfThe complex is located in the Bilk neighbourhood, at Suitbertusstrasse 155. The apartment complex was built in 1962 and consists of two shop units on the ground floor and 31 apartments on the four storeys above and the attic floor.
BGRF II FrankfurtamMainThe complex, which dates from 1972 and 1973, is located on the edge of the Sachsenhausen and Stadtwald neighbourhoods, at Grosser Hasenpfad 25. The complex also includes 15 parking spaces in the underground car park and 4 outside.
BGRF II Hannover_1The first complex is located in the Döhren neighbourhood, at Helmsteder Strasse 42. The apartment building, which dates from 1962, consists of 32 apartments, divided among eight storeys and an attic floor. The building also has 11 parking spaces.

Investment Portfolio