The fund invests indirectly in 593 rental apartments. Approximately 3% of the portfolio is commercial property (shops), which is located near the apartments. These properties are intended for letting and will in principle be sold off in the long term, either as a portfolio or per complex.


Property Homes
Region Germany
Fund size (2009) € 32,821,000
Investors Private investors
Size of participation € 15,000
Fund Unlisted
Status Registration closed

Investment portfolio

BGRF IV Dortmund

The portfolio is located in the Dortmund-Brackel part of the city, at Kortschstraße 1-15 and 2-40 and Wickederstraße 35-53. The complexes were built in 1960 and comprise in total 224 apartments, 214 outdoor parking spaces and 2 shops.

BGRF IV Duren This complex is located at Königsberger Straße 1-6 and comprises 3 buildings, with 192 apartments in total. The complex was built in 1964.
BGRF IV Hamburg The sub-portfolio in Hamburg is located at Timmendorfer Straße 40-44, in the Rahlstedt part of the city, and comprises 4 complexes, with a total of 39 apartments and 12 outdoor parking spaces. Three complexes were built in the 1960s and one complex in 2002.

Investment portfolio