Investor Relations

The right to exist for Bouwfonds IM is the willingness of investors to participate in our funds. In this capacity, Bouwfonds IM assumes amongst others a fiduciary responsibility regarding its investors. Bouwfonds IM is committed to operate its fund management activities in a responsible and professional manner. Since ‘real assets’ investment funds generally represent a long term investment horizon, this means that our investors can rely on Bouwfonds IM’s commitment from the beginning of the fund until closing, taking responsibility for issues arising during the full life time of the fund.

We follow a transparent and standardized investment approach with decision making based on facts, not on belief, authority, popularity or whims and we shall not engage in anything that is not beneficial for our clients. We want to help our institutional and private investors to accomplish their ambitions by offering distinctive real asset investment funds with attractive risk return profiles and strong diversification benefits within a corporate social responsible environment.